Jacqueline Audigé

Certified Life & Business Coach

I specialize in helping couples who have difficulties understanding each other’s backgrounds work out their differences to return intimacy and peace to their relationship. I once walked in their shoes and understand their situation very well. I am on a mission to support as many couples as possible who want to work with someone with good ears.

I will help you take action, hold you accountable, and motivate you to attain the expected outcome. I understand that you want to move your relationship from disappointment to satisfaction.

Introducing The Five Shifts

It’s important to know that:


I started incorporating the Five Shifts in my coaching practice, which worked like magic.


The bottom line is this: there are five fundamental shifts you must make to return intimacy and peace to your relationship without ever setting foot in therapy.


It is for couples dating, engaged, living together, or married who have difficulties understanding each other background and want to harmonize their differences and return intimacy and peace to their relationship without spending years in therapy.


The background differences can include upbringing, culture, religion, languages, nationality, socioeconomic class, and even the environment, etc.


If you want to create a peaceful environment where your relationship will flourish, let’s get on the phone for about 45 minutes. But You must be a couple having difficulties understanding your background differences and starving for connection and love.


I do this because I am passionate about serving people, spreading joy, and seeing harmony and unity among couples of different backgrounds.


Pay attention to the details if you want to achieve outstanding results by harmonizing your differences and returning intimacy and peace to your relationship.


Here is my promise: I will give you a step-by-step strategy to harmonize your differences and return intimacy and peace to your relationship in this webinar.


Once you make what I call the “shifts,” you’ll rediscover each other, grow closer and closer again, and you will see your partner in a new light.

What is coaching?
How can I benefit from it?

Before you decide whether or not coaching is right for you, learn more about it and how it can transform your life.

“Mrs. Jacqueline Audigé is the kind of person who pushes you to give the best of yourself.”

– Dominique D.

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