Jacqueline Audigé

Certified Life & Business Coach

Jacqueline is a “multiplier leader” who dances with her clients’ agenda. She has a unique ability to attract and give space for personal and professional talents to grow. She knows how to extract the innate genius from each individual she coaches.
She collaborates with clients on a one-on-one basis that compels them to stretch their imagination and “think outside the box.” She brings forth each client’s strong sense of self-awareness, engages, and inspires through open-ended questions without hidden agendas. Clients gain better insights, learn to recognize their realities and very personal distinctions, develop as leaders, and transform their lives.

Uncover Your Inner Power

Working with JA Coaching, you will:

Think outside the box!
You will learn with JA Coaching that nothing is off-limit regarding your creativity.

Increase your self-confidence!
Your past does not define who you are. JA Coaching will support you without judgment. You will discover that “practice makes perfect.”

Unleash your potential!
JA Coaching will take you from good to best. You will learn that you define success and that greatness is yours.

Trust your decisions and make choices freely!
JA Coaching will help you see that you can do the impossible if you always follow your heart instead of your head.

Develop your attributes!
Defeating any difficulties with willpower and seeing the brighter side of life through optimism will allow you to fly on your magical wings.

Transform your life!
This final step began inside you when JA Coaching became your ally on your journey to create a new narrative and turn your better life into your best life.

What is coaching?
How can I benefit from it?

Before you decide whether or not coaching is right for you, learn more about it and how it can transform your life.

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“Mrs. Jacqueline Audigé is the kind of person who pushes you to give the best of yourself.”

– Dominique D.

Be the person you were born to be!
Start your journey with me here right now.

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