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I help couples dating, engaged, living together or married, who have difficulties understanding each other’s background work out their differences and return intimacy and peace to their relationship without spending years in therapy.

The background differences could include upbringing, culture, religion, languages, nationality, socioeconomic status, environment, etc. Either way, my services may be for you.

Couples who sought my help proved they didn’t pay for information. They wanted something priceless called transformation. Working with me, my clients step into their spotlight of awareness and tap into their reservoir of change.

I am passionate about harmony and unity between couples. Plus, I’ll be your ally and cheerleader if you reach out to me for help to return intimacy and peace to your relationship.

If you think I am the best fit for you, book your 45-minute “Couple Relationship Health Check” Session with me.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

I help Business Owners, Executives, and Employees connect on a deeper level of intimacy with personal relationships to ensure success on a professional level. With my help, they understand that emotional support is equally as important to individuals as it is to professionals. Therefore, they must act individually and then as professionals to win on both sides.

The pandemic has brought about a significant change in the work landscape. The lines between personal and professional relationships have become blurred.

Professional relationships used to hold very different stakes from personal ones. Professional relationships happened between colleagues with no emotional ties. Lately, many Business Owners, CEOs, Senior Executives, and even Employees struggle to manage the fine lines between personal and professional relationships.

JA Coaching4Harmony provides a trained ear to help professionals become more productive at work while maintaining respectful and polite personal and professional relationships.

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– Durand N.

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