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Individual Client Interview

If you are ready to start your coaching journey, I would like to understand how you view the world in general and yourself in particular. Each person has a unique way of thinking and a unique way of interacting with those around them.

Answer each of these questions as clearly and thoughtfully as possible, expressing the best of who you are. These are “thought-provoking” questions designed to stimulate your thinking in a particular way that will make our work together even more productive.

  1. What accomplishments do you think must occur during your lifetime so that you will consider your life to have been satisfying and well-lived – a life of few or no regrets?
  2. If there were a secret passion in your life, what would it be?
  3. What do you consider your role to be in your local community? In your country? In the world?
  4. If you could devote your life to serving others — and still have the money and lifestyle you need — would you do it? How would it look?

I suggest that you take a few days to compose your responses to these questions. Once you’re ready, contact me via phone, email, or the contact form below with your answers and we can begin.